Thrive in the new "Normal"

We can help you to create, and execute, your plan to thrive during, and after, the pandemic


The new "Normal"

We face a new reality – one that will be with us for at least the next 12 to 24 months. Coronavirus has impacted virtually every organisation in the world. How you plan for the future after the immediate crisis phase will define whether your organisation thrives, or even survives, in a post-COVID world.

As leading experts in executing strategy, Breakthrough Partners can help you rapidly define, and successfully execute, your strategic plan for the new “normal” – and we can help you do this even if your entire management team, at all levels, are working remotely.

Thrive in the new normal

Remote FastHoshin

Breakthrough Partners’ Remote FastHoshin process is probably the most robust way, available today, to get rapid alignment across the team, translate what you want to achieve into a credible plan of action and then successfully drive that action through to results.

Whilst FastHoshin is normally implemented via a series of facilitated in-person workshops, Remote FastHoshin is designed to be implemented when some, if not all, of the team are working remotely.

Remote FastHoshin combines our proven FastHoshin methodology with the latest collaboration technology and advanced remote facilitation techniques to create a new and effective way to define and execute your organisation’s strategic response to a new world living with COVID-19.

REmote FastHoshin brochure

If you want to rapidly get everybody on the same page, make the right choices and successfully drive execution of the resulting plan then request a call back and one of our strategy implementation experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

100% free Hoshin and Lean eLearning

Recognising the potential that Hoshin has to help organisations respond strategically to the pandemic we have taken the unprecedented decision to make all of our Hoshin and Lean eLearning available for free. Click the link, to get access to all Breakthrough Partners Hoshin and Lean eLearning completely free for 3 months.

This includes our new self-paced FastHoshin Facilitator eLearning – giving every organisation a path to using our best practice strategy implementation methodology even if they don’t take advantage of our Remote FastHoshin service.

Will you survive, or thrive in the new “Normal”? webinar

If you want to understand how the best performing organisations in the world are developing and executing their plan for a world with COVID-19 and how you can rapidly apply the same approach in your organisation then check out our latest webinar on this topic.

In just 30 minutes, our Managing Partner, Paul Docherty, sets out why we have never needed better strategy execution that we do today, why Hoshin is the right choice for organisations responding to the pandemic and how our new Remote FastHoshin offering means you can now successfully define and implement your strategy even when everybody is working remotely.

Free executive briefing

Whether you need to pivot, or hibernate, just to survive, or whether COVID-19 is creating unprecedented opportunities for your organisation to thrive, we all need a plan to navigate the social distancing and building “herd immunity” phases through to a post-pandemic world.

Download this executive briefing to find out how you can use Breakthrough Partner’s proven FastHoshin methodology to rapidly build and execute that plan even while some or all of your team are working remotely.

Thrive or survive

Start defining and executing your strategic plan today.