Breakthrough Partners Website Terms of Use

1. Website Terms of Use

This document defines the Terms of Use for the website. Before using this website you should review our Privacy, Cookie and Data Protection Policies. By using you are deemed to accept these policies.

As Breakthrough Partners’ website includes links to third party websites you can access these web-sites by clicking on these links. If you follow the links to these third party sites then the privacy policies of those web-sites will apply for the length of time that you access them.

Any data you provide to must fully comply with English Law and must not defame any third party. You are fully responsible for any data that you enter into our Website.

2. Definitions and Interpretation

“you”, ”your” and “yours” means the person(s), you, who are accessing this Website and any party that you are accessing on their behalf

“we”, “us” and “our” means Breakthrough Partners Limited.

“Website” means this website that you are currently on.

Breakthrough Partners Limited is registered in England under No. 11959961 with a registered office at The Old Vicarage, Botanical Road, Sheffield, England, S11 8RP.

3. Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trade Marks

This Website contains Intellectual Property and Trade Marks, belonging to, or licenced or authorised and acknowledged for the use by Breakthrough Partners unless otherwise noted. The content within the web-site is the copyright of Breakthrough Partners unless explicitly acknowledged as not being so.

You may link to our web-site from other web-sites as long as these web-sites comply with English law and do not defame a third party. This link must, however, be removed on request from Breakthrough Partners. Any use outside what would be deemed as normal use of the web-site and its contents e.g. scaping data from the web-site is not permitted. Any use of our Website and content derived from the web-site must also be appropriately acknowledged. Any content that is copied or extracted from the site must be your own personal i.e. non-commercial use only or for use in evaluating products and services provided by Breakthrough Partners.

Unauthorised use of this Website or any of the intellectual property rights held by Breakthrough Partners may give rise to an injunction and to a claim for damages and legal costs and may be a civil and/or criminal offence.

If you believe or become aware of any material on this Website infringes your or any other person’s copyright, please report this by email to or by post to Breakthrough Partners, The Old Vicarage, Botanical Road, Sheffield, England, S11 8RP.

4. Governing Laws

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes relating to these Terms of Use will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.