Remote FastHoshin

Develop and execute your strategy whilst working remotely


What now?

You’ve done what you can to respond to COVID-19. Suppliers are locked-in, cashflow is as secure as you can make it, employees that need to work from your facilities are as safe as they can be and those that can are working from home. Now what?

Your organisation, like virtually every other organisation in the world, needs to rapidly develop and successfully execute a strategic plan for a world living with COVID-19.

Unfortunately the bad news is that the deck is stacked against us. Even without COVID-19, it’s hard to choose between conflicting priorities and even harder to galvanise a team around tough choices, translate those choices into action and then relentlessly drive those actions through to results. With COVID-19 it’s an order of magnitude harder. Aside from the fact that some, if not most, of the team are not in the same location and won’t be for the foreseeable future, the reality is that unprecedented cash, resource and operational challenges make stepping out of the whirlwind long enough to think and plan so much harder.

Remote FastHoshin - what now?

Remote FastHoshin

The good news is there is a better way. One that will help bring together a remote team, create clarity and focus where there is currently ambiguity, and help engage the organisation in executing the plan with the necessary discipline to get it done. One that’s proven to work even in the midst of the whirlwind.

In short, we’ve taken the Breakthrough Partner’s FastHoshin process – widely recognised as one of the most robust ways to develop and implement strategy – and made it digital. By leveraging advanced collaboration tools and remote facilitation techniques, we’ve made is possible for any leadership team, even one where everyone is working remotely, to take full advantage of the proven FastHoshin process.

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Take the first step

Whether you've been hit hard by the crisis and your objective is just to survive until social distancing is over or whether COVID-19 is creating unprecedented opportunities for your organisation that you believe you should be exploiting, you need a plan to do it and the discipline to implement it. The time to act is now.

Request a call-back and one of our Strategy Implementation Experts will talk you though how Remote FastHoshin helps you make the right choices and then dramatically improves the chances that you will successfully execute the plan you create.

Share the executive briefing

If you want to go deeper into how Remote FastHoshin process can give your organisation the best chance to succeed in a world living with COVID-19 or you want something to share with your colleagues that will help them explore this option – please download the free executive briefing “Thrive or Survive? You Need a Plan.”

Thrive or survive