Self-paced Hoshin eLearning

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Self-paced Hoshin eLearning

Free Hoshin eLearning

Bootcamp and Facilitator Training

Coming in August 2020

Under construction

How organisations respond to COVID-19 will determine whether they thrive, or even survive, during and after this pandemic.

In Breakthrough Partners we believe two things. First, the key to successfully navigating this crisis is effective execution of a clear and focused strategy and second, there is no better method for doing this than Hoshin Planning.

Based on this belief, we have decided to support our customers, and the wider improvement community, by transitioning our complete Hoshin curriculum to eLearning curriculum and making this available for 100% for free – no commitment required.

This training will be progressively released during August 2020. If you want to be notified when this Free Hoshin eLearning is available please leave your business e-mail to receive a notification.