What now?

Will you survive, or thrive in the "New Normal"?


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You’ve responded to the initial crisis phase of the pandemic. Discretionary expenditure has been minimised and supplier and customer relationships secured. Employees that can work from home are doing so and those that can’t are as safe as you can make them.

The world is emerging from lockdown into a new normal – one shaped by the direct and long-term impacts of what could be years of social distancing and other controls to stop the spread of the virus. If you are asking “What Now?” then this is the webinar for you.

Join Paul Docherty, as he sets out what you can expect in this new normal and how you can successfully navigate the consequences of most disruptive global event since the second world war. Whether your goal is just to survive the pandemic, or whether you see the disruption caused by the virus as a opportunity to grow, you need a plan and, given the uncertainty ahead, the agility to adapt it as you execute. In this webinar, Paul will share how you can create and execute this plan – even if the majority of the team are working remotely.

Understand the New Normal

How long will the pandemic last? What are the direct and indirect effects of the controls introduced to stop the spread of the virus? What major trends is COVID-19 accelerating?​​​​​​​

Learn from World’s Most Successful Organisations

How do the world’s best performing organisations rapidly “rewire” their organisations? How can you immediately put the same practices to work in your organisation?

Start Creating and Executing Your Plan

What are the practical steps you can take today to get started? What resources are available to help you create and execute your plan? What support is available?

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Paul Docherty

Paul Docherty

Managing Partner, Breakthrough Partners

Founder of i-nexus and a widely recognised expert in Strategy Execution, Paul has personally guided leadership teams in 10+ global organisations including Nokia, Wesco and Ericsson to implement Hoshin planning.