Will you survive, or thrive, in the new "normal"?

You need a plan. We can help you create and implement it.

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There is a better way. We can help you implement it.

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Services to support every step of your Hoshin journey


Discover the value of hoshin planning


We help leadership teams understand the value of Hoshin and craft a robust 90 day plan to deploy it.

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Pilot hoshin kanri across the organisation


We guide teams through the Hoshin process and help internalise the capability to scale it.

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Post-hoshin deployment, grow adoption

Train & coach

We train and coach internal facilitators to lead leadership teams successfully through the Hoshin process.

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Take hoshin-kanri to the next level


We help organisations reinforce behaviours and implement tools that take Hoshin to the next level.

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In-person Hoshin training has been temporarily suspended due to Government social distancing guidelines

In recognition of the value of Hoshin process to all organisations that need to respond strategically to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision to offer our complete series of Hoshin and Lean eLearning modules (including our Hoshin Facilitator Training) at no charge until the coronovirus is no longer classified as an pandemic.

Want results but not sure how best to achieve them?

Hoshin and policy deployment without Breakthrough Partners
Hoshin and policy deployment with Breakthrough Partners

Request a call-back and a Breakthrough Partners Strategy Implementation expert will talk through the pros and cons of the different approaches used by industry leaders and help find a way forward that’s right for you…

Will you survive, or thrive in the new “Normal”? webinar

If you want to understand how the best performing organisations in the world are developing and executing their plan for a world with COVID-19 and how you can rapidly apply the same approach in your organisation then check out our latest webinar on this topic.

In just 30 minutes, our Managing Partner, Paul Docherty, sets out why we have never needed better strategy execution that we do today, why Hoshin is the right choice for organisations responding to the pandemic and how our new Remote FastHoshin offering means you can now successfully define and implement your strategy even when everybody is working remotely.

What now?

What business leaders are saying...

Simply put, by distilling Hoshin into a teachable process, Breakthrough Partners have made it possible for any organisation to rapidly replicate the ‘execution’ systems that underpin the on-going success of the likes of Toyota, Danaher and 3M. Why reinvent a wheel if you don’t have to?
Marcello Carmignani
Marcello Carmignani Director of Lean, Western Union

What I love about Breakthrough Partners, is that they truly get that success with Hoshin is less about mastering the mechanics of the process (although they can definitely help you with this) and more about building the 'execution culture' that underpins and sustains the process. If you want to succeed with Hoshin there is no better choice.
Stefan Oßwald
Stefan Oßwald Vice President Business Excellence, Flex

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How the Best Out-Execute the Rest

How leading organisations are using Hoshin to out-execute their competition and how Breakthrough Partners can help you do the same.

How Hoshin Kanri and Breakthrough Partners help you to out execute the competition