Breakthrough Partners Cookie Policy

1. What are Cookies?🍪

Cookies are small bits of data that are transmitted from a website and stored in the browser of a person visiting a web-site. Cookies are sent back to the server and they provide details of a person’s previous interaction with the web-site. Cookies are typically used by web-sites to “remember” information that may be useful to web-site visitor e.g. the contents of a shopping cart or their history of previous logins. What Cookies are retained by the browser after the user has left the web-site is dependent on the configuration settings on the web browser. Further information on how your browser handles and manages cookies can be found in your browser’s privacy documentation.

2. The Benefit of Cookies

Like most modern web-sites, the Breakthrough Partners’ website uses Cookies to help us to provide visitors with a better experience when using the site.

We use Cookies to:

  • Prevent you having to login every time you visit the site;
  • Persist your settings as you use the site and when you come back to the site;
  • Enable you to share pages with social networks like Linkedin and Facebook;
  • Enhance the security and speed of the web-site;
  • Make it easier for you to access the features you want by personalising your experience;
  • Gather data anonymously that helps us to improve our website for you;
  • Increase the efficiency of our marketing to ensure we continue to provide value for money.

We never use cookies to:

  • Collect any personally identifiable or sensitive information;
  • Pass data to advertising networks or third parties;
  • Calculate and/or pay sales incentives.

3. Giving Us Permission to Use Cookies

When you first visit our web-site and your browser is configured to accept Cookies you will be asked via a pop-up if you accept the use of Cookies. If you choose not to accept the Cookies you can continue to use the site, but it is likely that the site may not function as you expect.

4. Third Party and Social Media Cookies

Third Party Cookies

Our web-site like many others embeds services provided by third parties. A typical example of such as service is embedded video. The following Third Party Services embedded within our web-site use Cookies:

  • Wistia – Privacy Policy powers the embedded videos on our site
  • Google – Privacy Policy powers the analytical tools (Google Analytics) we use to understand the use of our web-site

Not accepting these cookies will almost certainly degrade the services offered by these third parties.

Social Media Cookies

We use Social Media Cookies so you can more easily post and share our web-site content on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. To make this easy we have included social buttons on our site. The relevant privacy policies of the social networks that use Cookies that we include sharing buttons for are detailed below:

Note, the implications for your personal privacy will vary depending on the settings you have configured on these networks.

5. Removing Cookies from Your Browser

Cookies can typically be removed from your Browser via the configuration settings. All browsers provide a function to remove cookies, typically found under “Clear Browsing Data”. You can also usually restrict your browser from accepting cookies by changing your browser’s privacy settings. This will however likely erode the functionality of the web-sites that you use.

6. Further Information

You can find further information about Cookies here: