Public Hoshin training courses

Learn how to lead and facilitate the Hoshin process

Breakthrough Partners’ Hoshin tutorials and workshops facilitate success across the UK and Europe

Public Hoshin courses

Breakthrough Partners offers two public Hoshin training options:

Breakthrough Partners’ hoshin workshops offer a bootcamp designed for deployment success

Hoshin Bootcamp

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The Hoshin Bootcamp is an intensive one day course designed for busy executives/operational excellence practitioners who want to rapidly build a comprehensive understanding of how the Hoshin process works, how it is implemented by some of the world’s best performing organisations and how it is best deployed in practice to maximise the chances of success.

The Certified Hoshin Facilitator course is designed to develop leaders/internal consultants who can effectively guide their organisation through the implementation of the Hoshin process. This course arms participants over four days with the skills and knowledge they need to lead each of the three stages of the process (Strategy Refinement, Strategy Deployment and Strategy Execution) and also includes 4 hours of additional coaching per delegate.